Why WeatherFone® Telephone
Time and Temperature Services Are Successful

Convenient Up to date weather information is available at any time with just a few touches on your telephone keypad.
Popular Surveys have shown that up to 80% of adults use this service at least once a month and in most markets your telephone number is by far the most recognizable – and people associate it with the sponsor's name.
Effective Name branding is probably the most effective form of advertising – every month thousands of callers will hear your name and associate it with a very valuable and much-appreciated service.
Dependable Your WeatherFone® unit comes with a very generous 5-year manufacturer's warranty, but you may expect many, many years of trouble free service. Previous models have been in continuous operation for 15 to 20 years or more!
Affordable For Your Business
In many markets, this has been proven to be the most cost effective form of advertising. Operating costs for an entire month are often less than one radio or television spot, a billboard or even one newspaper ad.
And, It's all yours - no competitors!

For Multi-Sponsor Systems
Our low operating costs allow you to offer advertising opportunities to your clients at a price often less than what you could otherwise offer – with an excellent return on your investment!

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