Dial 383-2141 – The Marion WeatherFone is now back in service.
Marion Landscape Service was recently joined by the Marion Area Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors to celebrate the ribbon cutting for the Marion WeatherFone service, also Known as "The Time and Temperature"

The Marion WeatherFone is a tradition in Marion Ohio. Since the 1960’s citizens of Marion and surrounding areas have been using this FREE SERVICE to hear the TIME, CURRENT TEMPERATURE, and the latest WEATHER FORECAST. Recently the service was lost and the phone number, 383-2141, which was so well memorized by the good folks of Marion, no longer worked.

In August, 2010 the owners of Marion Landscape Service realized how important it was to keep the tradition alive and they purchased the equipment. After making a couple of small upgrades, the service continues and the tradition lives on. The Marion WeatherFone is a community service of Marion Landscape Service and is NOT intended for profit, but to continue this well used tradition for the people of Marion and the surrounding areas and to provide great advertising opportunities for the city’s local businesses, and its popularity has returned. Please visit on the web at  - view and submit weather related photos and leave your comments.