Marion WeatherFone Message Script

On the right you will see a submit form with a few simple fields to be filled in by you, the ad sponsor. Make sure all the information is correct and then click the submit button at the bottom.

1. After you have your entered contact information, begin typing in the words which will be recorded by our professional announcer.

2. Try to keep your message short and to the point. It must be approximately (but not exactly) 40 words.

3. Each individual number in an address or a phone number represents 1 word, ex: 132 would be 3 words.

4. you can backspace, delete and change your text anytime before you submit it. Or you may copy and paste your message from any text editor.

This form may also be used to change your ad at any time during your contract period.

CONGRATULATIONS, and Thank You For Choosing  The Marion WeatherFone.

Marion WeatherFone Message Script Form

Please type your ad in the space below. Ads must be approximately 40 words, and remember each character in a phone number represents 1 word. Please read the instructions on the left.