How It All Works

Our equipment consists of several components
which has been upgraded due to newer technology
WeatherFoneâ„¢ GPS Time and Temperature Systems
Telephone Time Temperature and Weather systems featuring automatic
time updates via
Global Positioning Satellites from the U.S. Atomic Clock.
A WeatherFoneâ„¢ exclusive
In a nutshell, You will be asked to write a brief message If you need help putting your ideas down on paper, we are always able to offer assistance as a free service.
When a caller dials 383-2141, our equipment connects to one of several lines which plays your pre-recorded ad. Because there are several lines all connected to the pannel, there are very few busy signals.
Our professional announcer will deliver your ad with high impact which will be heard by thousands of callers!
NOTE: If you call several times and fail to hear your ad, it is because someone else heard it in the mean time. this is a good thing, right? Keep dialing and you will hear it.
 Once you have realized the value of this great advertising opportunity, you should decide which plan is right for your business. The 1 year plan is our most economic choice, However,  any plan that lets you take advantage of  The Marion WeatherFone is a good one.
Contact Marion Landscape Service to explore other plan options
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